Silhouette Revolution
Young Hearts
Why No Peace?
Rope Of Hope
Walking On Water
India or Venice
Venice LOVE
Nature Camp
Citadel Courtyard
Beautiful Souls
Like A Kid by the Sea
Into The Sun She Runs
Keep Movin'
Step Into The Light
Catch A Fire
Heaven Can Wait
Fishing On The Nile
The Nile & Setting Sun
Staring At The Sunrise
Electric Blu
Sunrise At Sahil
Sokhna - Sunrise
Devine Light
Keep Movin'
Water Dreamin'
No Pain in Spain
Ciao Milano
Life Is Beautiful
So Precious
Citadel Courtyard
Hola Barcelona
Elephant In The Room
Morning Grace
Home Again
Happy Together
Summer Froth
Pico Peaches
Precious Time
Utrecht Blues
La Siesta
Hola Barcelona 😎
Man's Best Friend
Sahil Vibes
Always With You

Awarded images throughout the world that were curated, published, exhibited, and honorably mentioned in various competitions in the world of photography. (press image for details)

Awarded Images

© 2015 by Karim Shokair.  Krafted by



1. Curated at the 'Black and White: 2014' exhibition at Black Box Gallery and online Annex Gallery in Portland, Oregon September 1 - 20, 2014 2. Curated into El Sakia 12th Photography Contest - Category: Black and White January 11 – 20, 2015 3. Curated at the ‘In the Zone: B&W Photography 2015 Exhibition’ at the 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles, California 4. An Honorable mention at the Monochrome Awards 2015 Category: Abstract 5. Abstract Nominee at the 13th Black & White Spider Awards 2018

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