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See The Light
Trust The Light
Step Into The Light
Nobody Home
Take Me Away
United by Color
Electric Dreams
Can't Park Here
Hallow Dreams
Candy Lights - Fallas 2015
And The Road Goes On
Let Love Rule
Fishin' In Love
Know Your Enemy
Not In Love
Forever Young
Krabi Holiday Makers
Waiting For The Rain
Sail Me Away
Life In Color
Krabi Floral SPA
Shock The Monkey
Too Late
Traveling Times
Shadows Of Madrid
Crystal Palace Trees
Valencia Sky
Love Is Blindness
Looking For Jordan
Carcassonne Blessings
Portocolom Blues

Traveling is such a delightful way to see the world and to disocver yourself along the way.  The emotional impact tends to yield abstract imagery that can only be described as magical in spirit.

Travel Abstracts


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